We service all makes and models of air cleaners.
For new installs, we choose Trane.

How it works: Trane's patented ifD filtering system;

  • Pre-Filter - Captures larger particles and extends the collection cell cleaning interval.
  • Field Charger - Charges incoming particles so they adhere to the collection cells. This patented process is what allows CleanEffects to remove up to 99.98% of particles down to .1 micron that pass through it.
  • Reusable Collection Cells - Precisely engineered to capture particles down to .1 micron, while still remaining easy to clean. Simply vacuum once or twice a year to make them like new.



Your indoor comfort system does not draw fresh air from the outside when it is heating or cooling your home. It pulls the existing air inside the home, heats or cools the air and then redistributes it back into the home. The air will pass across your current filter, but odors and small particles will be able to pass through, and if you have allergies or respiratory issues these smaller particles can drastically effect your comfort. Utilizing the newest technology is the only way to be sure that your air is free of harmful allergens and airborne bacteria. Stand alone filters only treat the room they are located.These new whole home filtering systems install directly onto your home comfort system and filter all the air in your home.