We service all makes and models of humidifiers.
For new installations, we choose Aprilaire.Full_Auto_Humid_Line_with_backlight

How it works: Humidification is the process of adding moisture to the air. You whole home humidifier is installed directly onto your ductwork and has a water line that drips water onto the humidifier pad. When the furnace runs, air is directed over the humidifier pad adding moisture to the air.


Humidity is an important aspect to indoor comfort, but many are not aware of all the benefits that a whole house humidifier can provide. A whole house humidifier will increase your comfort in your home during those cold months.The presence of humidity makes indoor air feel warmer. Dry air is hungry for humidity, and will steal the moisture from your skin; the evaporation of the moisture from your skin can actually make you feel colder. Learn more here.