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Jun 26,2015

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Eric Rickert

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Property and Building Managers

Are you a building or property manager? Managing multiple units or a large facility can be an overwhelming responsibility. You are accountable for maintaining the daily comforts that people have come to expect, like air conditioning. Unless you are a HVAC Technician in addition to being the property manager, you will need professional assistance to keep your units maintained and repair them quickly in the event of a breakdown. We’ve put together some helpful tips that you can use to keep you and your tenants cool:

Finding a Contractor

One of the first jobs you will have to tackle is finding a HVAC Contractor to work with. Choosing a reliable and reputable service company should be a top priority. Some important factors to consider include:

How long has the company been in business? Finding someone who is established in your local area is important. You are looking to foster a long term relationship with a company that can become very familiar with your facility and how it runs. This way, the technicians can provide you with knowledgable and trusted insights on repairs, replacements, and efficiency improvements.

Are they available when you need them? When tenants are asking you for help, you need to be able to solve their problem fast. Make sure your contractor will be able to provide service in a quick and efficient manner.

Do they provide emergency service? Unfortunately, machines do not always break down during regular business hours. Will you be able to get service at 2:00 am on a Sunday, or will you and your tenant have to wait until Monday morning? You need a contractor that is available at all times in the case of an emergency.

Are they experienced with equipment you need them to maintain? There is a big difference between the mechanicals, ducting, and design in residential and commercial equipment. Be sure to choose a contractor who understands your equipment and is able to diagnose and repair any problems.

Is the contractor NATE certified? This certification will ensure that they have the necessary training to perform the services you need.

Locating and Maintaining A/C Units

Air conditioning units for large buildings are typically located on the roof of your complex. Although these units are designed to live and work outside, being on the roof exposes the units to extreme weather conditions and can increase maintenance needs. The additional heat exposure can cause rubber belts and parts to dry out faster than normal. Full exposure to rain can create the need for more frequent lubrication of motors and moving parts.

While most work on commercial units will need to be performed by licensed technicians, there is some routine maintenance that someone with DIY skills can perform themselves. Older commercial units are belt driven, so checking for wear and tear on critical belt components is a fairly straightforward task. Lubricating the motors can help ease wear and tear and increase the life of your unit. Checking and changing the air filters on the unit will ensure that good airflow is provided, which is critical for the unit to function properly. Changing the filter is one of the easiest and most beneficial maintenance tasks you can perform.

Routine maintenance is key to maximizing the performance and life of any machine. While you can perform some of the above tasks yourself, it is essential to have a partner who can provide the maintenance and repair services needed to ensure that your system is working properly. If you have any questions for us about air conditioning maintenance, please contact us or call us at 630-694-1700.

Written by Eric Rickert

Air Conditioning

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional