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Jan 02,2010

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Eric Rickert

Battery back-up Sump Pump Systems

These systems are used to prevent flooding during power outages; keeping your family & home dry. Sumpro is a two battery back-up system which is sold separately from the sump pump.

  • powers your existing sump pump during a power outage
  • Works with any 115 V sump pump up to ½ HP
  • Made in USA & has fully automated charging system
  • Microprocessor based system AquaNot is a pedestal style pump
  • Heavy duty 12 volt motor and positive contact float switch
  • Stainless steel column & shaft
  • Electronic 25 amp charger to maintain & recharge battery
  • Pump alarm
  • 12 month warranty or warranty extended to 36 months with the purchase of Aquanot battery by Zoeller Self contained submersible back up pump
  • pressure activated diaphragm switch for immediate activation
  • 24 volt operating system
  • 50 gallon per minute at 5 ft. head
  • will cycle as normal pump at 40 cycles per hour for approximately 50 hours
  • 3 year limited warranty

There are many options and also reasons to choose a certain type of back-up system. For instance professionals take into account the size of the sump pit, the average amount of water needing to be pumped up & out, the diameter of the drainage pie & more. For these reasons we suggest our customers get the opinion of a professional licensed plumber who actually takes a look at your unique circumstances.

With over 35 years serving the Western Suburbs we are the areas experts on sump pumps & battery back-up systems.

Plumbing, Articles

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional