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Oct 17,2014

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Eric Rickert

Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier


Humidification is the process of adding moisture to the air. It is an important aspect to indoor comfort, but many are not aware of all the benefits that a whole house humidifier can provide. The absence of understanding is partially because indoor humidity is intangible and you are really only thinking about it when things get too dry. Benefits of humidification during the heating season are comfort, health, preservation, and energy conservation.

A whole house humidifier will increase your comfort in your home during those cold months. The presence of humidity makes indoor air feel warmer. Dry air is hungry for humidity, and will steal the moisture from your skin; the evaporation of the moisture from your skin can actually make you feel colder.

Whole house humidifiers benefit you and your family’s health. It is easy to understand how humidifying the air is good for your skin, but many don’t realize that low humidity can make you more vulnerable to catching cold or flu. Air that is too dry dries out your nasal membranes, and causes dry scratchy throats. The nose and throat are front line defenders of your immune system.

All of that beautiful wood in your home needs moisture, and not just the oak floors and antique hutch. Wooden instruments can lose their tone if they dry out, and months of dry heat can cause that baby grand piano go out of tune. The wood framing of your home retains low levels of moisture too, and shrinking studs can create gaps, cracks in drywall, or cause nails to pop. Whole house humidifiers automatically keep the home at its appropriate humidity levels.

Whole house humidifiers can assist with energy conservation in your home. We discussed how dry air can make the air feel cooler; humidifying the air will cause less instances of turning the heat up to feel comfortable. We also touched on how dry air can shrink the wood construction of your home, and create gaps around windows and doors; proper humidity will keep the house tighter and assist in keeping outside air from coming in or letting heated air escape, leading to more efficiency for your furnace.

There are several models of whole house humidifiers available, and different control options to choose from. These systems can be retrofitted to your existing furnace. We can help you pick the right size for your home, and control option for your family’s comfort needs. Special pricing is available now; call us at 630-964-1700 to schedule a consultation.

Written by Eric Rickert

Articles, News

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional