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Jun 20,2010

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Eric Rickert

Robert Bair Services Named 2010 Best Pick Report™

Robert Bair Services has been awarded the 2010 Best Pick Report™ published by EBSCO Research LLC for plumbing and HVAC services in the Southwest and Western Suburbs. Companies are chosen based on independent research and objective interviews that show good performance and service.

Below are handful of testimonials from over 334 homeowner customer service reviews that were collected by EBSCO during their research for Best Pick Reports.

“I thought the work was as planned, and I'm very satisfied with Bair. And I've used them for years and will continue to do so. They do all the normal plumbing issues: the faucets, the drains, the sewer. This was a sewer line problem going to the street. Everything is holding up just fine that they fixed for me.”

“I thought they were good. He worked in a very clean way. He explained himself very well and made sure I understood what he was doing. That was plumbing work.”

“Excellent. My husband went in the basement and smelled gas around our hot water heater. They came down, and they told us they could replace the part that was leaking; my husband opted to replace the whole heater because it was twelve years old. We have never had anything but excellent, excellent service from Robert Bair. We also use them for our heating and air. Excellent work, excellent people, excellent.”

“We had a leaky toilet. In that situation we used them for plumbing. We also use them for heating and cooling. They replaced our furnace, replaced our air conditioner, and installed an electrostatic filter. I've had them doing service work every year just about, seasonal service for the heating and air conditioning. I've always been very satisfied with them. Their workers are all extremely polite and seem to do the job very well.”

“I use Robert Bair Plumbing. Robert Bair is great. I've been using them probably four years. They're o nice. They come over, and they explain things. I just really like them all. They're nice.”

“I think they're good. They responded quickly, and they've done what we wanted them to do. We use them for both plumbing and heating and cooling. The system we have was in the unit before we bought it, so we just use them for maintenance. I would recommend them to anyone.”

“I've been very happy with them. They're the only people that I will use. They hire really friendly, professional people, and they always come right out when I need them. They always go the extra mile, and they try to save me money when they can. I use them for heating, cooling, and plumbing work.”

“They did some work for us just back in June. We had a new air conditioner and furnace. They did very good with the installation and everything. We already had a service contract with them. They come out and do our yearly maintenance. I would recommend them to someone else.”

“I recently got a furnace. The reason I had chosen them was because of their excellent service.”

“I've been very pleased with them. I've been happy with them. They just do a good job, and they're timely and reasonable. The most recent time they had to come out, I think it was plumbing. Two of our bathrooms had a problem with the toilets, and they fixed what needed to be done. I have not used them for heating, but I have for all kinds of plumbing.”

“I go to Bob Bair; he's my go-to person. He does plumbing and septic for me. He installed my system, and I also use him for maintenance, too. I have a service contract with him. He always comes out on time when I need him to. I would recommend him to someone.”

Articles, News

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional