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Jun 12,2015

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Eric Rickert

DIY Plumbing: Can I Do it Myself, Or Should I Call a Professional?

DIYAre you a “do-it-yourself-er?” When things need to be fixed around your house, do you prefer to get your hands dirty and take care of it on your own, rather than hiring a professional? When possible, many of us would like to try to save money on plumbing repairs, avoid the hassle of scheduling a visit from a repairman, or simply enjoy the challenge of fixing something with our own hands.

While taking care of plumbing issues on your own may seem like a good idea, how do you know when it is something that you can handle and when you should call in an expert? Let’s look at what you need to consider:

Deciding When to DIY

Depending on your level of proficiency, you may be able to handle plumbing problems that require any skill level, from clearing simple clogs, to fixing a leaky faucet, to installing a bathroom sink, washing machine, or other complicated plumbing fixtures. Do-it-yourself instructions and plumbing tips can be found online for any task, so if you’re equipped and determined, you can most likely get it done. The question then becomes whether doing it yourself is the best option for you.

While you’ll want to consider whether you have the right tools for a plumbing repair job and how comfortable you are completing the work, the deciding factor in determining whether to hire a professional plumber often comes down to time.

Completing a repair job the first time, when you’re learning how to do it, is when it is hardest and will take the longest to finish. An expert plumber will have all the right tools and the experience completing the repairs, so he may be able to finish in an hour a repair that would take you three hours to accomplish.

In addition to time consideration, you’ll also want to be aware that plumbing repairs bring a certain level of risk, since water leaks can cause a great deal of damage to a house. Depending on how confident you are in your skills, you may prefer to have a professional plumber handle repairs to provide an extra level of certainty that any leaks or other issues have been taken care of.

The #1 Plumbing Tip

If we can offer a single tip for do-it-yourself plumbing repairs, it would be to know the location of your home’s main water shut-off valve. Shutting off this valve before working on any repairs will reduce the risk of leaks and any resulting water damage.

main water valve

“When In Doubt, Call Us Out!”

Completing your own repairs does have the advantages mentioned above, but if you have any concerns about whether doing it yourself is the best choice, we recommend hiring a professional. As we like to say, “When in doubt, call us out!” If you have any questions about repairs or would like to hire a plumber, please contact us or call us at 630-694-1700.


Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional