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Jul 27,2015

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Do I Need a Dehumidifier in My Home?

Stand alone vs whole home dehumidiferOur homes are our sanctuaries. We invest time and money decorating and furnishing the spaces inside and making them comfortable and useful for our families, but many times we don’t consider the air quality in these spaces. This is especially true for spaces created in basements. If you’re looking to improve your air quality, a dehumidifier can make the basement and the rest of the home more comfortable.

Ask yourself these questions: Do you want to spend time in these rooms? Is there a musty smell, or does it feel wet? Do you have a dehumidifier in place already, but it’s running all day or not fully removing the moisture from the air? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably could benefit from a whole home dehumidifier.

Most standalone dehumidifiers are not robust enough to completely remove moisture from your home. This is why you may need more than one unit to achieve your desired comfort level. Additionally, standalone units will only remove the humidity from the room in which they are located.

A whole home dehumidifier will be able to remove the moisture from your basement and the rest of the home. Many times, just running the whole home dehumidifier alone without the air conditioning will provide the comfort you are seeking. This is a more energy efficient way to create a comfortable space.

We can help. Our comfort specialists can help you decide which unit is the best fit for your home. Call us at 630-964-1700 to schedule an appointment, and we can answer any questions work with you to find the solution that provides your ideal air quality.


Written by Eric Rickert

Air Conditioning, #dehumidifier, #wholehomedehumidifier