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Jan 02,2010

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Eric Rickert

Geothermal Heating & AC

Save 40 to 50% on the cost of Heating and 25% on the cost of Cooling.

The amount of tonnage needed for the system will determine the depth of the well(s). Geothermal uses narrow Verticle Wells or Horizontal Wells(trenches). Which type is right for you? It depends on your yard/site. At this site in Burr Ridge - drilling took several days - two vertical wells were drilled. Each well was 400 feet deep. Please call and speak to Bob (aka Robert Bair) for more information. 630-964-1700 Geothermal Heating & Coooling system is pollution free. This system uses the earths constant 55 degree temperature to make both heating & cooling from one piece of equipment called a heap pump. This unit is an electrically powered device that uses the natural heat stored in the earth to heat and cool your home. To use that stored energy, heat/cool is extracted from the earth through a liquid medium (water or antifreeze) and is pumped to the heat pump exchanger. The heat pump is a self contained system which is comprised of a blower, compressor, water heat exchanger and an air coil. In summer, the process is reversed and indoor heat is extracted from your home and transferred back to the earth through the same liquid. Geothermal heat pumps do not emit carbon monoxide or other pollutants. The systems is environmentally friendly as well as an energy saver. The Federal Governement is now giving homeowners a 30% tax credit if they install this energy efficient system. That means you can save almost 1/3 on the cost of this system. That is the most generous tax credit we have seen yet and it's because the government is trying to get us to switch to more efficient heating & cooling systems. 30% Tax Credit Availble in 2009. You could receive about $12,000 from the Federal Government.


GEothermal HVAC Gains the spotlight Geothermal is the most energy efficient heating & AC system available today!

geothermal heating & ac


This is the cable that is inserted into the wells.



geothermal heating & ac The grout above is an important component and is added to wells after the pipe loop is inserted into the well. This grout is used so that the liquid within the pipes makes good contact with the earth.

Articles, Geothermal

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional