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Jan 02,2015
Eric Rickert

Get Fit in the New Year


New Year's Resolutions usually consist of notions about self-improvement, fitness and how to make one self a better person in the New Year. Almost never will one think, "In the new year I'm going to improve the fitness of my home". What does the concept of a more fit home even look like? Our vision of a fit home is a reliable, low maintenance home that maximizes energy efficiency while lowering the overall operating costs. Want to share in our vision? We can help you get there. Making sure your HVAC equipment is the right size for your home is the first step. The same can be said about your water heater, and we can install new energy saving thermostats for your water heater that can be scheduled, eliminating unnecessary heating during the day when no one is home. We can give you estimates for all the jobs that may have been put off last year, because delaying little repairs can lead to more costly future repairs. Use the coupon below to help get the maintenance list together. We wish you the best and much success with your personal resolutions this New Year.

Written by Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional