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Dec 26,2014

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Eric Rickert

Help Yourself by Helping Others

help others

This time of year can be very stressful for many reasons; spending outside of your normal budget, pressures from family, crowds at every shopping destination that you visit, but don’t let the stress make you forget the spirit that embodies the season. The spirit that we are referencing is the spirit of goodwill, giving and helping those less fortunate than you. You don’t have to go far or make a grand donation either; much can be done in your own community. The small gestures go a long way, simply holding the door for someone or offering to assist your elderly neighbors will brighten your and their day. It is likely that you received new things for Christmas, maybe replacements for older worn out but working items. We encourage you do donate those older items instead of moving them to a garage or basement shelf. Some charitable organizations will even come to your house to pick up any items, enabling you to be charitable with convenience built in. Helping others will leave you with an amazing feeling, and it’s contagious. The two links included can assist you in scheduling a donation pickup.

Written by Eric Rickert

Heating, Geothermal, Air Conditioning, News

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional