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Jun 05,2015
Eric Rickert

How to Manage Storm Water Runoff Problems

Storm water runoff can be a big problem, and we all still have vivid memories of the Downers Grove local flooding from two years ago. There is a direct link between the growth in new homes being built, the size of these newer homes, and the increased problem with storm water runoff flooding. The water needs a place to get into the ground, and as we lose that space to roads and roofs, runoff water increases.

Older established towns’ waste water systems were not designed to handle the amount of runoff that they are currently experiencing.

What Can I Do?

Homeowners can help themselves by managing the storm water on their properties by:

  • Directing downspouts to rain barrels to collect for watering gardens and plants.
  • Create a rain garden with thirsty plants; under roofs, next to driveways, or for sump lines.
  • Install permeable pavers in patios and driveways to let the storm water drain.

Do You Live in Downers Grove?

The Village of Dowers Grove is currently offering a storm water incentive or credit to homeowners to install runoff abatement solutions. An incentive is a one-time reduction in the stormwater utility fee and is offered to assist property owners with the cost of materials, construction and installation of qualifying stormwater facilities. A CREDIT is an ongoing reduction in the amount of stormwater fees assessed in recognition of on site systems, facilities, or other actions taken to reduce the impact of stormwater runoff. There are six types of credits available, ranging from 10% off to up to 100%. To learn more and apply for a credit, please read through the credit and incentive manual provided by the city.

Are you experiencing storm water runoff issues? Not sure what to do? Do you want to learn how to take advantage of the Downers Grove credit? We offer a Free Storm Water Abatement Estimate where we evaluate your property and provide recommendations and estimates for how to deal with your runoff problems. Schedule your estimate today.

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional