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May 20,2010

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Eric Rickert

Customer Testimonials/Reviews for Robert Bair Plumbing Services

Dear Sir,

On Friday, you sent me your servicemen to repair my “swish” problem as outlined in my letter of March 13th.

I’ve had no problem since and I want to thank you for your thoughtfulness. I’m hoping that life will bring you a reflection of the kindness that you’ve shown to me.

Right now, I have no more complaints (& hopefully none later) and you can be proud of the young men that you sent to service my problem. He was a definite attribute to your company.

Thanks again!




Dear Mr. Bair:

I just needed to compliment you on the very fine employees you have with Adam and Jim. On February 18, we had a plumbing issue with clogged pipes and Adam and Jim were sent to our house to check it out. When they broke their drill bit and called the Sanitary District to ask them to “scope it,” things started to turn south.

The district required me to drive to the office, sign paperwork and to do this before anymore work could be done. Adam tried to talk with Sanitary personnel to see if one of their trucks could be sent out immediately. My father-in law passed away the day before and I was already dealing with that crisis. Adam was truly professional. He gave me assurance that if I could get the Sanitary paperwork signed, he and Jim would be back to work. In the end they both worked as a team. I couldn’t believe the size of the roots/clog that was causing our problem! I am so impressed with these gentlemen and their work ethic. Their only tip was a box of Girl Scout thin mints and samoas to sweeten the day.

Please pass along my compliments to Adam and Jim for their hardwork and professionalism.

M.K. from Downers Grove, IL


To everyone at Robert Bair,

I just wanted to write a note to express my appreciation for your services. On three occasions we had your employees out to work in our house, and each time they were knowledgeable and very nice. I am especially appreciative of them for coming on Oct 4, when you were short-handed and would have preferred to reschedule me. Thanks so much for listening to my pleas and sending them anyway! My husband and I will not hesitate to contact you for any of our plumbing needs in the future, and will definitely be sharing our good experience with our friends and neighbors.

Thanks again!


Testimonials & Reviews

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional