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Sep 18,2015

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Eric Rickert

Preparing Your Complex’s Heating Systems for Winter

For building or property managers, it’s incredibly important to make sure your heating systems are prepared for the winter. Temperatures can drop quickly in the Midwest, so you don’t want to be left scrambling to fix a failed system.

In order to make sure you are prepared for winter, we’ve put together a few tips:

  • Test your system. This may sound obvious, but every year we get at least one call for emergency service for a system that failed to start up correctly. Testing the system in the fall will prevent you from having to wait in the cold for a repair.
  • If you have a boiler, you will want to make sure that your pumps are properly oiled and that any air is blead out of the system.
  • If you have a furnace, changing all the filters is a must.
  • Adding a UV filter to the system can help freshen air in common areas that suffer from smoke or food smells.

Do I Need a Technician?

While many complex managers are very capable when it comes to maintenance and repairs, it is always best to have a certified technician perform startup maintenance on a heating system. The repair for a DIY fix will reliably cost more than it would have cost to repair the original issue. But that doesn’t mean a technician needs to be called for everything; some tasks, like replacing filters and basic oiling, can be done with little technical knowledge and should be no problem for the average complex manager.

Our Pro Tip

Complex Managers should adopt the practice of having Furnace and A/C Startup Days, and provide an option to include tenants. This can save you time and money and foster a positive manager-tenant relationship.

Startup days will save you time. By ensuring that all units are heating properly on a single day, you will not need to answer individual calls from your tenants and troubleshoot each issue separately.

Startup days will save money. Coordinating with your service provider to have technicians scheduled for the whole day at a single location will allow you to addressing the entire system at once instead of unit by unit. This will eliminate the need to pay multiple service fees for traveling and emergency fees during off hours.

Startup days will foster a positive manager tenant relationship. Your tenants will appreciate a proactive approach to maintenance. It will show you that you care about them and the building, and this will make them care too. Tenants may see something wrong weeks or months before you do, and if they know that you are responsive, they will tip you off early. Catching issues early can mean the difference between repair and replacement.

Do you have any questions for us about maintenance for your complex’s heating systems? Do you want to schedule a startup day to test your systems? Please contact us or call us at 630-694-1700.

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Heating, Heating Service

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional