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Apr 04,2014

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Eric Rickert

Quick Dishwasher Maintenance

dishwasher maintenanceDishwashers are an important convenience in our modern lives. We fill them, use them to clean and dry our dishes saving us precious time in our busy lives, and then empty them. Rarely do we think that the dish washer could use some cleaning. We put dishes caked in food into the dishwasher, and the dishes come out clean, where does the food go? Yes, most goes down the drain, but some food can get left behind and caught in cracks and crevasses. Here are some tips for a quick clean.

After you have just run and emptied your dishwasher take a minute to look around inside. First inspect the spinning arms where the water comes out. Are the holes free of debris, and can the water flow freely? If there are any clogged sprayers, use a toothpick or something similar to loosen and remove the debris.

Check the space inside the dishwasher under the front of door, in some dishwashers this is a prime spot for food to get stuck because the water might not completely rinse this area of the machine. While you are inside the machine check the main drain of the machine. Make sure that water can drain freely. Check your utensil holder too, this can be removed and cleaned separately with a bottle brush to remove caked on food.

Does your dishwasher smell like mold or mildew? After you have cleaned your dishwasher run it through a short cycle with a small amount of vinegar to rinse out any debris you may have loosened, and leave the front door propped open slightly so it can fully air dry. If you are not using the dry cycle these smells can happen, and leaving the door open slightly to let everything dry out will remedy this.

Some brand new dishwashers have built in garbage disposals, but if your machine is older you are most likely without this feature. Taking care of you dishwasher by limiting the food debris you run through it will greatly increase the life of your machine.

Written by Eric Rickert

Plumbing, News

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional