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Jan 02,2010

IN Solar, DYK

Eric Rickert

Solar Thermal Hot Water & Heat

A bright idea comes up every morning at this home in Woodridge This Solar installation is in Woodridge, IL. It is being done in conjunction with the building of a large addition to the home. The family is able to live in the home during the construction period since the new part of the home will stay completely closed off until construction is finished.

At that time they will cut the opening through to the new part of the home. They have had no major interruptions in their water or power needs during the construction. This family will be using the solar thermal units for space heating as well as potable hot water for their cooking, laundry, dishwashing, shower and bathing needs. The panels on the roof and an extra hot water storage tank as well as coils in the heating system are what the Robert Bair team is working on. The family will see a large drop in their gas bills since this system will assist their gas forced air heating and gas water heating system. The addition is expected to be completed by Jan 2007.

Solar, DYK

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional