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Aug 15,2014

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Eric Rickert

Summer is not over yet

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We all want to hold on to a few more days of summer. Does this unseasonable weather have you thinking about all of the summer projects that still need to be done before football season starts. Don’t worry about it, we can help you cross jobs off you list. We can’t help you with everything but here is a list of the
jobs we can help you with:

Change outside spigots to freeze proof spigots.

Check sump pump to verify it is in working order, and install backup option

Clean and check furnace, and replace filter

Repair or rework duct work for warmer more efficient heat

Add a gas log lighter to the fireplace

Install programmable thermostats to save on energy consumption

Repair any plumbing projects that have been put off

Install a whole house humidifier

Boiler maintenance and tune up

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Written by Eric Rickert

Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning, News

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional