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Jun 06,2014

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Eric Rickert

Ready for a Smart Home


Have you heard of smart homes? Do you desire to live in one? These days we are always connected to technology. Many of us are frequently online at home, and when we are away via our smartphones. We continually monitor our finances and social media accounts, and are always looking for ways to simplify our lives through

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Dec 13,2010

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Eric Rickert

DuPage County Forest Preserve Installs Solar Water Heater

The DuPage County Forest Preserve hired Robert Bair Services to help them go green.

The DuPage County Forest Preserves had solar thermal water heating systems installed in their remote forest preserve bathroom facilities. Solar water heaters, which are also called

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Jan 02,2010

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Eric Rickert

Solar Thermal Hot Water & Heat

A bright idea comes up every morning at this home in Woodridge This Solar installation is in Woodridge, IL. It is being done in conjunction with the building of a large addition to the home. The family is able to live in the home during

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