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Oct 28,2015

IN Plumbing

Eric Rickert

Wednesday Product Feature: Delta TEMP2O® TECHNOLOGY

Great for houses with small children:

The Delta's TEMP2O® TECHNOLOGY lets you know exactly what the temperature of the water is, so you don’t have to experience the surprise extremes of too hot or too cold.

This technology is particularly important if you have young children in the house. The Delta TEMP2O® TECHNOLOGY displays the temperature digitally either on the faucet or the valve handle, so it is easy to read, and the background color of the display will change with the temperature for a quick visual indicator.


  • This technology is available in; Showerheads, Hand Showers, and Tub Showers. 
  • Can be a DIY install to quickly update your bathroom


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Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional