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Sep 23,2015
Eric Rickert

Wednesday Product Feature: Speakman Reaction


Not just another wimpy Low Flow shower head:

Most of us cringe at the idea of a low flow shower head. We've tried them before and the rinsing power is just not adequate. Speakman promises to change you mind about the low flow shower head with the Reaction Shower head. The Speakman Reaction is scientifically designed with a turbine powered engine for peak performance while providing a low flow option. The turbine increases the velocity of the delivery to provide the powerful rinse you are accustomed to.

Regular flow shower heads are can be rated for 5 gallons per minute. The Speakman Reaction will only use 2.0 or 2.5 gallons per minute depending on the model you choose. Want to see the Speakman Reaction in action?


Speakman Reaction Technical Specifications:

  • Single function spray setting
  • Turbine Powered Engine
  • Transparent Frame
  • 12" NPT inlet
  • 2.5 or 2.0 GPM flow rate 
Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional