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Nov 05,2014

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Eric Rickert

Wednesday Product Feature: ThermaCELL® Heated Insoles

Thermacell 1

No one likes having cold feet, and with ThermaCELL® Heated Insoles you never have to have cold feet again. ThermaCELL® Heated Insoles can provide you with on demand heat with the press of a button. This product is great for anyone, but can really make a difference for those that have to work outside, or choose to play outside during the cold winter months. The ThermaCELL® rechargeable heated insole is operated by a wireless remote control, and can provide warmth continuously for 5 hours on the medium setting. Rechargeable batteries are built into the insole so there are no bulky battery cases to wear. Three temperature settings enable you to find your perfect comfort level. If you need extended warmth upgrade to the ProFLEX with removable rechargeable batteries, just switch out batteries for continued use. You can order these now and have them before winter hits.

Written by Eric Rickert





Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

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