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Aug 05,2015

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Wednesday Product Feature: Trane A/C Systems Recall

Trane XB300The warm summer months are when your home’s air conditioning system is working hardest, so you’ll want to make sure that it is operating efficiently. Keeping your A/C unit maintained can ensure that you are able to keep your house’s temperature at a comfortable level while saving on energy costs.

In addition to the benefits of regular maintenance, we want to alert our customers about a product recall that may affect you. In June 2014, Trane issued a recall for the XB300 and American Standard Silver SI air conditioning systems due to insufficient grounding that may pose a shock hazard.

If you have one of these systems at your house, you should turn off the unit via your main breaker switch and check the model information, which is printed on a silver nameplate on the back of the unit. The following models are included in the recall:

2TTM3018A1000A* 2TTM3024A1000A* 2TTM3030A1000A* 2TTM3036A1000A* 2TTM3042A1000A* 2TTM3048A1000A* 2TTM3060A1000A* 4A7M3018A1000A* 4A7M3024A1000A* 4A7M3030A1000A* 4A7M3036A1000A* 4A7M3042A1000A* 4A7M3048A1000A* 4A7M3060A1000A* 4TTM3018A1000A* 4TTM3018A1000B* 4TTM3018A1000C* 4TTM3024A1000A* 4TTM3024A1000B* 4TTM3024A1000C* 4TTM3024B1000A* 4TTM3030A1000A* 4TTM3030A1000B* 4TTM3030A1000C* 4TTM3030B1000A* 4TTM3036A1000A* 4TTM3036A1000B* 4TTM3036A1000C* 4TTM3042A1000A* 4TTM3042A1000B* 4TTM3042A1000C* 4TTM3048A1000A* 4TTM3048A1000B* 4TTM3048A1000C* 4TTM3060A1000A* 4TTM3060A1000B* 4TTM3060A1000C*

If your model is included on this list, please contact us about a free inspection and repair or call us at 630-694-1700 for more information.

Air Conditioning, AC, #recall, #airconditioninginspection, Airconditioning, #Airconditioner, #traneairconditioners, #wednesdayproductfeature, #productfeature