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May 15,2015

IN Air Conditioning

Eric Rickert

Why an A/C Maintenance Plan is Important

As summer approaches, homeowners are preparing to begin using their air conditioning systems to ensure that they can maintain comfortable temperatures in their houses. But how can they be sure that their systems are operating correctly and efficiently?

The yearly maintenance plans offered in our Peak Performance Program provide the best answer to this question, with checkups being done twice a year to make sure your system performing optimally. Let’s look at the benefits of purchasing a maintenance plan:

Longer System Life

When our technicians perform routine check-ups, they can ensure that connections within the units are tight, equipment is clean, and moving parts are lubricated. Keeping the system maintained will result in fewer breakdowns and extend the life of the unit. Catching and fixing any small problems will keep them from becoming larger issues in the future.

Improving Inside and Outside Performance

Our technicians don’t just clean the outside A/C unit, they check the major critical components of a home’s heating and cooling equipment. An air conditioner’s condenser cools air, which is then transferred to a home’s furnace and pushed throughout the house. Since these units work together, we check both the inside and outside units and make sure they are operating correctly.

Energy Savings

During our checkups, we make sure electrical transmissions are working and Freon levels are correct. If the electrical system is not working at the peak level, or if Freon levels are low, the A/C unit will have to work harder, which will lead to more wear and tear. This will not only reduce the life of the system, but will also result in lower performance and higher energy bills. Keeping the system maintained will result in savings as you continue to operate your air conditioning system throughout the summer.

We offer one-time Clean & Check services, but by purchasing a yearly maintenance plan, you can ensure that your system is always operating efficiently and that you are prepared for both the summer and winter seasons. Maintenance plans can be purchased in 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 year increments. If you’re interested in purchasing a maintenance plan or want to know more about our maintenance services, please contact us or call us at 630-694-1700.

Air Conditioning

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional