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Oct 02,2015

IN Plumbing

Eric Rickert

Why you need an Aluminum Water Heater Drip Pan


The idea behind a water heater drip pan is to catch any leaks and to move the water to a drain, instead of all over your floor.

Recently a customer had an issue with their water heater leaking. They took the precaution to install a water heater drip pan for the water heater on their first floor, but it was a plastic pan and somehow the pan melted and cracked. Water leaked all over the first floor of their home.

Another problem we've run into is seeing drain pans installed, but the drain is capped. The drip pan is meant to temporarily contain and route the water, and is not equipped to hold all 40+ gallons of water in your tank.

We recommend aluminum drain pans:

  • Make sure that it is the correct diameter for your water heater
  • Make sure that the drip pan drain is piped to a floor drain.

This is what we found when we pulled the water heater out:

The black plastic drip pan on a white background lets you see how badly the pan was damaged.


Do you or a member of your family have a plastic drip pan? Share this post to inform people of the potential issue.


Don't have a drip pan but want to get one? You will most likely have to drain your water heater to get it installed. Let us help you. We have your size drip pan in stock. Call us at 630-964-1700, let us know what your concerns are, and we can schedule an appointment.




Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional