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Mar 22,2015

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Eric Rickert

World Plumbing Day, Water Saving Tips Part 2 of 4

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Small changes in your water use add will add up to a big impact. Conserving water is important to everyone, because our fresh water supply is limited. Thanks to our friends at for helping us with our tips.

1. “Showering is also one of the leading ways Americans use water in the home, accounting for nearly 17 percent of indoor water use. Install a Water Sense® showerhead and save approximately 2,900 gallons of water per year.” Learn more at the EPA site.

2. If you cannot keep your shower under 5 minutes, consider turning off the water when washing your hair. Water savings can add up to 150 gallons per month.

3. Toilet leaks can be silent. Test your toilet once a year for leaks using a small amount of food coloring in the upper tank. Wait 15-20 minutes; if the color gets into the bowl you have a leak.

4. Turning off the water while brushing your teeth can save 4 gallons of water per minute.

5. Plug the sink, and fill the bowl with water to rinse your razor instead of running the water while shaving.

6. “Save over 10,000 gallons a year (the manufacturer claims up to 17,000) by installing a hot water Recirculation Pump. This pump makes hot water more quickly available everywhere in the home, thereby reducing the wait for hot water.” You are saving water and asking less of your hot water heater. Learn more here.

7. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean walkways, patios, driveways and garages to save water.

8. Know where your homes main water shutoff is. This could save both your home and hundreds of gallons in an emergency.

9. Start a compost pile instead of using the garbage disposal. This saves water and could save you a repair.

10. Leaks inside are usually more easily noticed, so make sure to check your spigots, hoses, and pipes outside too.

Written by Eric Rickert

Plumbing, News

Eric Rickert

Eric Rickert

Certified Project Management Professional