We service all makes and models of Air Conditioners.
For new installations, we choose Trane, Bryant, and Mitsubishi Air Conditioners.


Each home is unique. It is important to get the correct sized system for your home. Over or undersized systems will be inefficient and not provide you the comfort you are seeking.

Terms you should know

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficency Ratio) - This ratio measures the cooling efficiency of air conditioners and heat pumps. Higher numbers equal greater efficiency. 

How it works: Air Conditioners provide cool air through ductwork, through a process of drawing the hot air in your home into the returns in the duct system, cooling the air by passing it over the cooled coils and fins inside your furnace. These fins extract the heat energy from the warm air and cool the air, and then returning the cooled air through the feeds of your duct system.

The condenser outside your home is responsible for cooling the coils and fins inside your furnace. This is done using refrigerant and by transferring the heat energy extracted from the warm air in your furnace to the outside and circulating the refrigerant throughout the entire system. This process continues until the air temperature matches your thermostat setting. 

Air Conditioning