We service all makes and models of boilers, including Apollo Systems.
For new installations, we choose Weil-Mclain Boilers.

Weil-Mclain cast iron boilers are made in the USA, right next door to us in Michigan City, Indiana.



How it works: Boilers are used to heat your home, either with steam or water and radiant heaters. Most newer homes will have radiant water heat, but some older homes still utilize steam radiators. Both are very good conductors of heat, and efficient ways to heat your home or business. A boiler is an enclosed vessel, that is filled with water or liquid and combined with a heat source, usually a gas furnace, but other fuels like wood, propane, and coal can also be used. When the furnace is fired, the liquid or water is heated and produces steam or hot water that is directed through a series of pipes to radiators that produce heat. These radiators can be baseboard type, or installed under tile or concrete floors.