We can service any make and model of furnace.
For new installations, we choose Trane. 

Your furnace keeps you warm and cozy when it's cold outside, it's a comfort that we expect, and often we take it for granted, until the moment that there is a problem. We want to help you understand how a furnace works, because knowledge is power, and with the proper education and maintenance you can make your investment last.

How it works: Your furnace is the heating component of your forced air system, and converts gas or oil into heat. When your thermostat detects that the temperature has dropped below your desired comfort setting a signal is sent to the ignitor, which lights the burner in the combustion chamber. The heat created in the combustion chamber moves to the heat exchanger, where it heats the air. Once heated to the correct temperature the warm air is pushed through your ductwork to your homes rooms. Combusted gas is vented out of the house through a flue.


The main components of your furnace are:

BurnersThese are uses to heat the air to the desired temperature.

Heat Exchanger - This is where the cool air is heated

Blower - Pushes warm air through the ductwork and draws cool air from returns.

Controls - The brains of your system.

Ductwork - Heating the air is the easy part, getting the warm air to the rooms you need it in is the hard part. Ductwork provides the air flow that your furnace needs to function properly. Incorrectly sized ductwork, both over and undersized, can create major issues, and making sure that that you duct work is free of leaks is also important.

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