Do you experience storm water runoff problems?

Are you always worried when a storm is going to pass through your town.We understand and we are here to help. Does this sound familiar "My existing water abatement methods have worked fine for years, then a new home went in next door, and every time it rains I get flooded." This is common these days, and we can provide new water abatement solutions specific to your home.

There is a direct link between the growth in new homes being built, the size of these newer homes, and the increased problem with storm water runoff flooding.

The water needs a place to get into the ground, and as we lose that space to roads and roofs, runoff water increases. Older established towns waste water systems were not designed to handle the amount of runoff that they are currently experiencing. In the last 10 years we have seen a steady increase in the storm water runoff problems experienced by homeowners and businesses.

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There are a few ways that you can help yourself:

  • Always direct down spouts and sump lines away from your and your neighbors homes.
  • Create a rain garden with thirsty plants; under roofs, next to driveways, or for sump lines.
  • Install permeable pavers in patios and driveways to let the storm water drain.
  • Direct downspouts to rain barrels to collect for watering gardens and plants. Make sure to install an overflow drain that will move excess water away from your home.