We can service any make and model water heater, but we only sell Bradford White water heaters, because of their reliability, efficiency, and because they are made here in the USA.



How it works: Water heaters heat your homes water by taking in cold water through the supply pipe, heating the water until the temperature reaches your desired heat setting and then sending hot water out the delivery pipe to your homes piping infrastructure. Tank Water heaters also have the job of keeping the water warm after heating awaiting your use. The water is kept warm by insulation wrapped around the tank. The amount of hot water available is dictated by the gallon size of your traditional water heater, or heating capabilities of your tankless water heater, and the recovery rate of your water heater. 

Water can be heated with either gas, propane, electric, and solar power. After choosing your power source, you can choose from traditional tank or tankless water heating options.

Venting for gas and propane comes in two options; direct vent or power vent. Water Heater GasIf you have a fan, yours is power vent.

Many sizes are available. Common sizes are 40, 50, and 75 gallon capacities, and we supply many other available options in between.

If you are looking to purchase a water heater,  here are the terms you will want to know.

Recovery Rate = The amount of gallons that can be heated to 100*F in 1 hour.

First Hour Rating = Performance rating for the water heater during the first hour of use when recovered to the thermostat settings.

Peak Hour Demand = Maximum amount of hot water draw your family will need at the same time.

Recently there was a change in the energy efficiency standards that traditional water heaters have to adhere to, and you can learn more here. These changes have made traditional water heaters even more efficient and affordable to operate.

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