We service all makes and models of water softeners.
For new installations we will design and install custom built water softener solutions.

Water Softener

We can test your water quality to see if you could benefit from a water softener. If the test shows that your home or business water can be improved with water softening, we will custom build a water softening solution based on the results of the water test, your home or business size, and water consumption needs.

Water softeners are designed to remove hard minerals from your water supply.

These hard minerals if not removed can leave your hair and skin feeling dry, cause extra wear and tear on your plumbing and water heater, leave spots on dishes after they have dried, and make it harder to get your clothes clean. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above you might want to consider a water softener. Call us with your questions, or to schedule water test at 630-964-1700.