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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Units

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover HVAC Units?

The HVAC system in your home is key to maintaining a comfortable home. Like other equipment, it is at risk of damage. No matter how hard you try to maintain your HVAC system, there may be things you can't control. It is important to know what your homeowners insurance policy covers.

Standard Policy

If you have a standard insurance policy, it should cover your HVAC system. Your policy may cover common disasters and certain types of damage. In most cases, this excludes negligence, deliberate action, or normal wear and tear. Learn what your policy covers on your HVAC unit. It could prevent expensive replacements or repairs.

Fire Damage

Your policy should cover major incidents such as a fire. This coverage should include your home's HVAC system. It might not cover situations resulting from deliberate or negligent action. For example, if lightning struck your home, your insurance company covers it. If the fire was due to a bad appliance or electrical system, it may be harder to get an insurance company to cover it.

Wind and Storm Damage

If your home experiences strong winds or tornadoes, your HVAC system is vulnerable. Do everything you can to make sure your outdoor unit is secure. If you do this, your insurance provider can cover a replacement or major repairs. If it is not secure, it can make it harder to get a claim from your insurance. This can lead to expensive repairs or replacements.

Damage from Falling Trees

There have been homeowners who have had their HVAC systems damaged by a fallen tree. This is often caused by a bad storm. There have also been other causes. An underwriter from the insurance company will find the reason for the fallen tree. If the fallen tree was healthy, there should be no problem getting coverage. If the tree was sick or dying, They could say that you were negligent. The insurance company may believe you could have prevented the damage. If you removed the damaged tree on your own, the damage wouldn't have happened.

Insurance Claim

Once you file a claim to repair or replace your HVAC system, an adjuster will check the damage. They will estimate the amount of money to replace or repair the HVAC system. You could get  reimbursed for the cost of replacing or repairing your unit. This is up to its value at the time of loss. This happens if your policy covers replacement value. You can get a reimbursement for the system's market value if your policy covers its actual cash value.

If you have questions about the damage to your HVAC system, call Robert Bair Plumbing Heating & Air. We are a licensed HVAC company that has the experience and trust. We will check your system and give a fair estimate of any necessary repair or replacement. Call today to learn how we can help.