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HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist

HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist

When spring rolls around, you want to open up the windows and let in some fresh air. With your spring cleaning, you should also consider cleaning your HVAC system. This makes sure that your system is at its most efficient throughout the hot summer months. Below is a spring cleaning checklist for your HVAC unit.

Replace Air Filters

The first step you should take to clean your HVAC system is to replace the filter. A good rule to follow is to replace your air filter if you can't see through the filter any longer. Most people replace their filters at least once every three months. If you have small children or pets, you may need to replace your filter more often. This is because pets can bring allergens inside and their fur blocks the filter. This can harm young children and lead them to develop allergies.

Schedule Duct Cleaning

The ductwork runs throughout your home. It can house dust and debris that could affect the air quality in your home. Do yourself a favor and schedule a duct cleaning with your local HVAC professional. It's always good practice to include this in your spring cleaning routine. It will help freshen up the ductwork. Make sure to remove all the winter dust from your air.

Have An Annual Check Up For Your A/C System

Spring is the perfect time to call in your air conditioning professional. They will perform maintenance for your air conditioning system. They'll go over the system and see if there are any potential issues. They'll also clean the system so that the system can deal with the large load that summer cooling demands. You never want to wait until it's scorching hot to call in a professional once your system is not working.

Clean Out From In Front Of The Registers

In the clutter of the winter months, it's common for you to place items on the registers. This blocks the airflow coming into the room. It can make your system work much harder than it has to. Check all the registers in your home to make sure that there is nothing stopping the airflow.

Also, keep the materials surrounding the registers in mind. If you have a tall plant or a couch near the register, it could block the airflow. Take a few minutes to look at each room's setup. Find where the register is in each room. Make sure that the air can flow without any issues.

Call Us Today

It's time to give our team at Robert Bair a call to get your spring cleaning complete. Our skilled professionals will come out to your home. We will prepare your system for the demand of the hot summer months. We want to keep you and your family cool this year.

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